Fresh Thinking for the Modern CISO

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Secrets Management for Security and Speed

Are you trying to decide whether your business engineering teams need to sacrifice speed for security, or security for speed? Chances are you've implicitly already made that decision to keep your promises to the business. In a world where high entropy strings can be...

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2017: The Rise of Ransomware Worms

2017 has been a pretty “interesting” year from an information security perspective. We have had plenty of big security events such Cloudbleed, the CIA Vault7 leaks, Shadow Broker’s exploits and post-exploitation tools publication, hacking of Macron’s campaign for the...

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How to Manage Social Complexity to Improve Your Results

In the cybersecurity industry, the focus of every managed security service provider is to reduce the time to detect a breach and remediate it. According to the last McAfee Incident Response survey, only 29% of respondents report a remediation time of two to seven days...

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Winning the Cyber Battle: Trusting Your Digital Assets

Digital assets are mission-critical elements of combat environments. They could be as complex as a modern fighter jet, as simple as an air purity sensor, or as commonplace as the cell phone that soldiers carry on them. From their role in communication and intelligence...

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