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Getting to Yes

Are you on the "Team of No"?  How do you know? Do you often get pulled into a project late in the process, where security wasn't even considered or notified until 3 days before the 'go live' date? Do you have business executives agreeing to any and all security policy...

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Keys to a Successful Infosec Conference Submission

The competitive and often opaque talk selection process of infosec conferences can be confusing and discouraging. If you submit a talk---an abstract plus a longer description and a biography---and your talk gets rejected, most of the time you won't get any useful...

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ModernCISO – Dallas

Kudelski Security Vice President of Global Advisory Services Mark Carney and Tony Spinelli, COO/President of Cyberdivision at Fractal Industries are back with another installment of ModernCISO. This time they're in Dallas, Texas. Tony and Mark will be discussing three...

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Senate bill to secure Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things, and now the U.S federal government along with it, have a problem. Devices are smart enough to impact the world around them, but aren’t built smart enough to protect themselves.  In the recent past, these devices have been maliciously...

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