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To AI or Not to AI? That Is the Question – Or Is It?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is being discussed quite a bit, in fact, maybe the term is used too much. After all, it means different things in different situations, and vendors are using the term particularly loosely to tie into a hot market and hopefully sell more...

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Operational Technology: The Next Cyber Battlefront

Critical infrastructure sectors are vital to the functioning of modern societies and are vulnerable to damage from natural disasters, and physical incidents. However, ever since its consolidation with IT networks, Operational Technology (OT) threat landscape has...

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A Lack of Industrial Security

Almost a decade has gone by since I performed my first risk analysis of a nuclear plant and discovered a completely new world. Since then, security professionals will have heard a lot more about the current state OT security (or lack thereof). Operational Technology...

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Security Automation – Taking Playbooks to the Next Level

With our final part in the Security Automation series, Kudelski Security will take a look at what our clients are doing to take their manual playbooks to the next level, using automation. Before we take a look at playbooks, a quick review of the key factors from our...

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Blockchain Security: Part 2

Current blockchain technologies expose institutions to security risks that plague current business processes and much more. Early demonstrations of vulnerabilities in blockchain implementations have helped us compile the following list of security risks. Integrity...

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