Fresh Thinking for the Modern CISO

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Blockchain Security: Part 2

Current blockchain technologies expose institutions to security risks that plague current business processes and much more. Early demonstrations of vulnerabilities in blockchain implementations have helped us compile the following list of security risks. Integrity...

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Blockchain Challenges: Part 1

Blockchain, the technology underlying cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Blockstream, Ethereum, Ripple, is considered a phenomenon by its proponents and is touted as a solution to all of the inefficient information processing systems. Critics, however, remain wary of its...

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Next Generation Hunting

The newest buzz word around cybersecurity and managed services is managed hunt operations; the main nuance which might be lost is simple enough, hunting is not new! From platforms to people, everyone is touting the need to find the threats in your network, but...

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Why Fusion is Necessary

A cursory glance at any MSSP listing shows that the focus of most mainstream network and security operations centers (SOCs) is generally health monitoring, configuration, accounting, performance, security (FCAPS), mean time to repair (MTTR), and the security events as...

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MSS is dead; Long live MSS!

Automated detection will fail. This is not a FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt) statement designed to strike fear into the hearts of CISO’s, it’s a fundamental problem that’s unlikely to be solved in my lifetime. This problem is not limited to technology alone, sometimes...

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Secrets Management for Security and Speed

Are you trying to decide whether your business engineering teams need to sacrifice speed for security, or security for speed? Chances are you've implicitly already made that decision to keep your promises to the business. In a world where high entropy strings can be...

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