Fresh Thinking for the Modern CISO

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Winning the Cyber Battle: Trusting Your Digital Assets

Digital assets are mission-critical elements of combat environments. They could be as complex as a modern fighter jet, as simple as an air purity sensor, or as commonplace as the cell phone that soldiers carry on them. From their role in communication and intelligence...

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Penetration Testing: the Risk-Based Way

Usually a pentest is considered to belong to the realm of technical, geeky activities and is supposed to answer the question: “can my company be breached?” Unless you’ve been living under a rock during the last 10 years, you’ll know the answer is a simple “yes.”  It’s...

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Getting to Yes

Are you on the "Team of No"?  How do you know? Do you often get pulled into a project late in the process, where security wasn't even considered or notified until 3 days before the 'go live' date? Do you have business executives agreeing to any and all security policy...

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Keys to a Successful Infosec Conference Submission

The competitive and often opaque talk selection process of infosec conferences can be confusing and discouraging. If you submit a talk---an abstract plus a longer description and a biography---and your talk gets rejected, most of the time you won't get any useful...

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