On Demand Webinars

An Investment Portfolio Approach to Cyber Program Management

Join Mark Carney, VP of Global Advisory Services at Kudelski Security in conversation with Mark Butler, Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) at Fiserv, to find out what CISOs can learn from a portfolio management approach to their investments.

  • Discover the benefits of managing your cyber program like a financial investment portfolio
  • Learn how to optimize cyber investments, considering factors such as risk, maturity, and priority
  • Get an introduction to Kudelski Security’s Cybersecurity Portfolio Management Model (CPMM)
  • Learn how CISOs can benefit by viewing their cyber programs the same way financial analysts view their investment portfolios

Getting to Yes C-Suite Strategies for the CISO

Join John Hellickson Managing Director of Strategy & Governance at Kudelski Security in conversation with Don Kleoppel, Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) at Cerner.

  • Tools and methods to contextualize security in the business strategy and objectives
  • Approaches for effective business enablement & partnership with other executives
  • Proven tactics to build consensus and get to ‘yes’
  • Effective workload management strategies for the expanded role – operational and leadership

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