It is easy to recognize the lack of women in the IT world. With an ever-growing demand for a more diverse workplace and a lack of cybersecurity workers in general combined with consistent cyber threats, the demand is surely there.

Olivia Rose, Kudelski Security director of global risk solutions, knows that all too well. The latest statistics suggest that there is only around 10 percent of women in the cybersecurity field in the US and even fewer worldwide. Though she fell into cybersecurity by chance, she hasn’t turned away in almost two decades. Speaking on the Security Boulevard podcast CyberSpeak, Olivia delves into a multitude of topics surrounding her experience and the growing number of women in cybersecurity.

According to Olivia, there are two sides to security:

  1. The highly technical side. if you actually are interested in coding, encryption, technology, penetration testing, etc., go for it.
  2. The strategy and governance side. This is becoming recognized as even more critical than the technology side at times. You help develop the programs, strategy, and find the gaps in existing security programs to help companies effectively defend themselves. This requires a high degree of listening, communication, and creative thinking skills – ALL SKILLS women tend to be good at. It also involves partnering with Executives and Sr. Management of companies which need these skills, which women tend to be strong at, to partner with.

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Olivia has some additional advice for women who may be considering diving into cybersecurity:

  • If you want to get into a field which holds unlimited potential, especially for women, security is it. We need more women (and we need more people in general).
  • The industry needs the skills women tend to be strong at, they shouldn’t be scared to enter into the field. Some of the most successful security consultants, salespeople, and execs I’ve ever worked with have been women because they’ve leveraged their gender skills.
  • Women need to change their perspective of what security is and what is needed to work in the field.
  • Yes, it’s a highly male-dominated field and you will face situations where you are made to feel less important than and/or uncomfortable. But this is also why we need more women in this field, to even out the playing field and support each other.
  • Views on women in the field are changing and becoming more accepting, so it is less harassing than it was ten years ago, but be ready for certain situations which you will encounter.

This podcast was originally featured on Infosec Institute.

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Olivia Rose

Olivia Rose

Director of Global Risk Solutions at Kudelski Security
Olivia Rose has more than 16 years of security consulting experience, with particular expertise in providing cybersecurity risk strategies, developing compliance programs and building and training consulting teams.

Olivia currently serves as the Director, Global Executive Risk Solutions at Kudelski Security, where she is responsible for the operational execution of designing innovative solutions to help executive clients reduce and manage risk. She serves as the liaison between the sales team and the company’s advisory services and has an in-depth understanding of tools, processes, and procedures required to improve security posture, program maturity, and reduce risk.

She holds numerous IT and security certifications, including CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional), CISM (Certified Information Security Manager), CCSK (Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge), and CPHIT (Certified Professional in Healthcare Information Technology), among others, and is an active participating member of several industry groups. She is an accomplished and experienced speaker, having spoken at many local and national events. Olivia is also the founder of the Girls STEM Club, an Atlanta-based group that aims to boost girls’ interest and confidence in STEM fields.
Olivia Rose

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